About the pictures on the site.
First and foremost: All the images on this site are copyright to me or the people who I did art trades with. As such you cannot under any circumstance sell them or claim them as your own. I don't take kindly to art thieves.


Q: Can I use your pictures on my web site or in a signature?
A: Yes. I am ok if you use a few of my images on your website. However, you MUST cite me as the artist and link back to my site. I also ask for you to send me a link to your website or just inform me in some way shape or form. :3 I like to know where my artwork is and how they are being enjoyed.
Q: Can I make some of your pictures into an Avatar?
A: :3 Go right ahead. You can go to town making my pictures into Avatars.
Q: Can I request a picture?
A: I do take requests from time to time however it does depend how much free time I have.
Q: Can I play around with some of your images and/or make tubes with photoshop?
A: Please e-mail me and ask. Normally I will ask for you to link back to my site and credit me for the original image, not to sell the altered image or submit them to contests that aren't about manipulation and send me the link. :3 ( I ask for the link because I like to see what people do with my work. I really enjoy seeing what people might do with my work and I might get ideas for new pictures I might work on.)
Q: Can I download your images onto my hard drive?
A: Yep. XP That's why all my images have a giant watermark on them and right click is available. I always anticipate people saving the image and thus I always make sure that the images I post aren't of  a good enough quality for people to print and try to sell but good enough for people to enjoy :3
Q: I have a class project and I need to use one of your images.
A: Yet again, I enjoy getting an e-mail about this just to let me know what is going on. If what you are doing is for academic purposes yes, you may use them. I support academic endeavors and I instantly give approval for my images to be used for this purpose.

However, in keeping with the academic environment I ask you to please have an citation stating that you got the image from my site.

The MLA format for my website is

For a specific picture.

Dennis, Heather. (insert name of artwork here). Tavis Harts' Website. (date you accessed the site) < html of where the picture is located or http://tavisharts.kamiki.net>.

For the website as a whole

Dennis, Heather. Tavis Harts' Website. (whatever my last update is dated as). (date you accessed the site) <http://tavisharts.kamiki.net>.

note: English majors, If there is something wrong with this citation or MLA changes something (like it does every week) and this code is no longer acceptable please tell me and I will change it .


Q: I have a non-profit event and I would like to know if I could use one of your images for it?
A: Please send me an E-mail and ask. Normally I will say yes and send you a higher quality version for you to use however there are some events that I don't want my art in (namely anti-gay rallies).

Questions for the Artist
Q: How long have you been drawing?
 A: For several years... if I was to guess how long I would say about 10 years. I am self taught so it has taken me a bit long than it has other artists
Q: Can you critique my artwork?
A: Yes. :3 I do critique occasionally. It takes me a long time to do it because I tend to give really detailed critiques. I try to be as polite as possible when I do it but it will be nit picky. E-mail me and send me a link to your artwork and be sure to ask in the title about critiquing
Q: I sent you a bit of mail a while ago with an attachment, why didn't you respond to it?
A: I probably thought it was spam. ^^;; I tend not to trust messages that send attachments and don't say specifically what that attachment is.
Q: I sent you an e-mail a while ago and you have yet to respond.
A: I am slow at responding. ^^;; Just poke me again. Also, another problem is that my e-mail at tavis@kamiki.net likes to try to protect me from spam. So if you have a signature with some keywords or a link it may freak out my e-mail and try cause it to try to delete it. Please send the e-mail again without the signature. ( or send me a message at tigerlily@neo.tamu.edu this is my school's email :3 from what I can tell it has no real spam filter XP)
Q: Your art sucks!
A: I am self taught and constantly trying to get better. If you don't like my artwork I am sorry. If you would like to help me get better please send me constructive critiques so that I may become a better artist.
Q: Will you do an art trade with me?
A: Please look in commissions for info on how to start an art trade with me. I do enjoy doing art trades however it is completely based upon how much free time I have.
Q: Why is "Tavis Harts" your pen name/ pseudonym?
A: Well it originally started out as a joke. Tavis was a character of mine that unfortunately stuck in some of my friends' heads better than my own name when I first met them and stared role-playing him. I ended up making my first online gallery in his name as a joke so that they could find me. It ended up working for the best because not only was it a little less predictable or ridiculous than some of the female names I had come up with it. Furthermore  "Tavis Harts" actually helped me stand out from other people because NO ONE else has it as a pen name. There's a lot of "Heather Dennis"s out there so I have always felt a penname of some sort was needed.
Q: Why keep it a boy's name/ do you ever intend to change it?
A: So far I have no intention of changing my pseudonym. Besides being the name most people recognize me as, it also has helped in several surprising areas. One reason was mentioned above. The other was that it has helped me with was keeping the number of perverts from contacting me down to nearly zero. Before the pseudonym I actually had a lot of people spamming me to cyber. That ended the second they thought I was a guy. Think of it as sort of a filter that deters people who don't want to have a decent conversation from bothering me.


Website Questions
Q: Do you do link exchanges?
A: Yes, I love to do them ^^
Q: Can I link to your site?
A: By all means please do! XD
Q: You don't have the size banner I use for my site.
A: If that is the case and you want to link to me just e-mail me and I will make one to your specifications :3.
Q: What do you use to create your website?
A: Microsoft FrontPage. I occasionally go hunting on the web for more html codes than what FrontPage offers me.
Q: Do you have a schedule for updating?
A: Not at all. I try to update as much as possible and I can do it fairly quickly because I use FrontPage. What slows me down is the fact that I may not have enough new images to warrant updating the site.
(c) Heather Dennis 2003-Current