Art by Tavis

Tavis is an artist who plays both Wolf and Tavis Harts in the Victorian legends game. This is some of her work based on the game.

To see more of her artwork please visit Tavis' art page

Please do not take any of the images without Tavis' permission. We do not like art thieves.

Sabin Duvert

Here are some Images drawn of Arania's character Sabin ^_^ please go to the link to learn more about the character.


Samantha Blaire

This is some of the pictures I have done of Samantha Blaire, Kamiki's character. Please visit her page to learn more about the character. ^_^


Tavis Harts

My character ^_^ If you want to learn more about him please visit Tavis Harts information page



This is my art for another character of mine. The bandit Wolf ^^. To learn more about this character please visit Wolf's information page.


Other Characters and NPCs

Characters from other people who have played our game ^_^ Please visit the Other Characters and NPC section to learn more about these characters.



Two or more of the characters from the game together ^^



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