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Note: If you are interested in seeing the website of those I have done art trades with simply click on a name.


MAX Art trades

Note: Max art trades function differently than other art trades. In max all the names are pretty much put into a hat and whichever name you get you draw a picture for. 99% of the time you don't get a 1on1 trade with someone. You will be drawing for someone completely different than who is drawing for you. To see the site belonging to the character I drew click on the name next to the picture I drew. To see more artwork from those who drew for me click on the name next to the gift picture.
What I did Done for me
July B 2003  
For Topaz By Bunny H (*broken will be fixed soon*)
August A 2003  
For Uncreativity (I got it and I will soon post it)
August B 2003  
For Hawk By Chay Peta
September A 2003  
For Dot Warner By Stareyes
September B 2003  
For A Twu By Hawk
October A 2003  
For Bunny H By Hinode
October B 2003  
For Erin By Fenrir
November A 2003  
for Andrew By Xalan
November B 2003  
For Lao-Z By Bex
December A 2003  
For Bex By Dot Warner


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