Ashra vs mileena
Mediums: Pen and photoshop
Mortal kombat has eaten my soul @.@
So I felt the need to do a fanart of it.
I think all together this was about 25 hours of work. Why I thought the sky temple would be an easy subject to draw for the background I will never know.
Up to you who you think will with this. ^^ I am betting Ashrah ( Ashrah is one of my favorite female characters from the game. I love her.. bee bonnet and all.)

Before it is suggested. Yes.. I know that some of you will want Mileena's breasts to be bigger. Unfortunately, I have no intention of doing so XD. I like them the way they are in this picture.

I hope you enjoy the picture ^^.

And also, if you have played Mortal Kombat please feel free to comment here on who your favorite character is :3.


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