Mediums: Pen and Photoshop

Probably the prettiest of my Midsummer's night dream project for Costume Design. The only problem I have with her is her arm (no matter what it likes to look WRONG >.<)

This is cobweb, one of Titania's servants. I differed from Shakespeare's story by making her female. I did so because I have always seen cobweb as a female, and I felt that Titania needed at least two female servants.

Cobweb I can see being the most vain of her servants and probably in charge of arranging social events and fashions for the queen. Titania and cobweb probably have a lot in common and are close friends...  well as close as servant and master could hope to be. I also want in the play it to be a bit ambiguous as to whether Cobweb is Titania's lesbian toy or just a favorite servant of hers.

As for her outfit, the items she has in her hand is a mirror (I know no one can tell XP sorry about that). I found one of them at renfair and fell in love with how they look. It's a giant fan of feathers that has a small mirror on one side. The wonderful thing about them is that you can wear them as decoration. A definite plus for cobweb.

Her dress I designed so that she had see through fabric with cobweb designs and probably some glitter on it to simulate a gossamer. I also wanted to show her hoopskirt so that even when she is backlit you get a sense of a cobweb.

The hardest part about designing cobweb was to keep her outfit simple enough so that she wouldn't seem more formal than Titania. I think showing the hoopskirt helps keep her from being truly formal.


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