Goddess of victory
Mediums: Pen and photoshop
I would have just called her “Nike” but after the shoe company everyone forgets that it's actually the name of a Greek mythological being (that's why they named their company that btw).

But as a small history lesson the Nike was a winged female being that was associated with victory in wars (which is why you see the circular temple behind her and the armor). I chose to remove the idea of the chariot for instead a bit of magic to give it a bit of interest (plus bikini).

She started off as just a simple drawing... in fact the drawing was just her originally. The rest was added in later in photoshop using a variety of tricks to try to make my style seem a bit more cell shaded.

I also took a lot of liberties with the temple in the background, so it isn't true to any sort of ancient architecture.


(c) Heather Dennis 2003-Current