infectious fae/ black light fae
Mediums: Ink and photoshop

O.o part of the same series as Helix the DNA fae. Mom gave me the strange task of making a series of fae based after different laboratories. This is of course for the infectious lab. The wonderful lab that tests for viruses and bacteria. Needless to say it took a lot of thinking to figure out how to make an infectious fae look pretty. o.o

At the end I based her after a chemical stain. The stain works simply by killing the cells and adding a color to them. I don't remember the exact name of the stain that I saw that inspired this but under a black light it made all bacteria fluoresce and left all the normal cells a purple color. Her wings are actually modeled after bacterial rods. XD. yay for bizarre fae.

It was later called black light fae because she also looks like a black light poster one finds in hot topic. XD My boyfriend Clint can be blamed for dubbing her that


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