Lenore Puddle.
Mediums:  Pen

 Spawned itself from a bored daydream. o.o I was stuck waiting for my French class in the hall when it hit me. (The break between my first class and French is about 3 hours long.) So after the daydream I decided to test the range of a ball point pen. See what sort of effects it could have on paper. Now I do admit that I cheated in some areas that were taking too long and used a India ink brush pen.. however. 90% of this is just regular ball point ballpoint.  Also.. another goal with this picture was seeing if messiness (random squiggles) could be used as a good texture. Overall I am really happy with how this turned out.
I am not sure what she is doing however... She is either gazing into a seeing pool.. or contemplating drowning herself. o.o I will let you decide which.



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