Lenore puddle colored
Mediums: pen and Open Canvas
I decided to download a trial of open canvas 4 and used it to color this picture. The lineart was created a while ago from somewhat of a daydream, I was playing around a lot with the idea of using messiness to create detail with a ball point pen.

One of the things I like a LOT about open canvas is it's ability to look a bit more like real media without being as complicated as painter. @.@

While working on this image I also tried to get a better hold on my coloring style. I am trying to make elements of a picture look a bit more like they belong together by gaining better control over how I show light quality and the color of the light. I have also been trying to make my compositions more fluid.

Overall I think this image does a good job of that. I hope everyone enjoys it.

PS. I do know about her right elbow if you are worried that my proportions are going out of whack. ^^; It's actually just farther away from the viewer. I wanted to give her a bit more depth when I drew it. I know the hand corresponds to the turn of the arm, however, I think what is throwing it off is just the shawl. @.@ *shrugs*


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