Mediums: Pen and Photoshop

Yet another part of my final project for costume design. This is moth :3 The one I see being Titania's personal bodyguard.

For the costume I designed it so that it would show off his body but also give him more of a torpedo shape. With that torpedo shape I gave him a collar of thick fluffy fur to simulate a bit of a moth's body.

He is in a jumpsuit to help simulate that torpedo shape as well as to show his relationship to Titania. Titania I can see using both of her male servants as boy toys. She is probably very candid about it to. So I can see her enjoying having them in outfits that show of their butt. Overall I see him with a very stern and ridged personality. I reflected this a bit in his shoes, I don't want him prancing about if he is going to move he is going to be clunking about.

If you are wondering why I can see Titania having boy toys it's quite simple. In the story all her servants are male. Rather odd considering you might want ONE female back in Elizabethan times to help with dressing and other things like that. You weren't suppose to show other men your body, it wasn't proper and lady like. >.> If all her servants are male then they have GOT to see her naked a few times. (suspicious if you ask me)

Next, Oberon wasn't too upset with how far Bottom got with Titania, he was more concerned with how much she doted on him.  Finally, in most fairy lore fairies are very... well... amorous.  Because of all that I sort of have a strange view of Titania and her personality.


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