Mediums: Pen and Photoshop

Part of my final project for costume design. Woe unto the poor guy who decided to be a fairy in midsummers night dream. heh heh heh.  Someone needed to wear tights and it had to be a guy. XD There are a bunch of rational reasons why I would choose this however.

First off, I wanted to draw parallels between his outfit and a mustard plant. If you have ever seen these plants you know that they are a stick with a few leaves on them. So I choose to put him in tights to show just how sparse the plant is. I differed from the plant by making him a very rich mustard color.

The next parts deal with his personality. I tried to give each of Titania's minions as much personality as I could. Because I can see both male fairies being her personal boy toys I also felt it appropriate to have him in really tight fitting clothing. When girls want to show off a guy first thing they will do is get something to show off his butt. ~.^ He may as well be her pool boy.

But besides being a boy toy I can also see him being the counterpart to Puck. Having a variety of emotions, being the most animated, and in some cases being a court jester (whether he intended to be or not.) I gave him the mean look because I don't really see any of Titania's minions being a stereotypical good fairy.

( Ps.. yes.. those are flowers around the top of the outfit, They are modeled after the mustard plant flowers. )


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