Mediums: Pen and Photoshop

The final one of my midsummer's night dream project. She is also sadly my least favorite.

When creating her I wanted to show more nature in the outfit in comparison to the other three servants, and I wanted to make her look a bit homely. The flowers show innocence and the hitting at a Hawaiian outfit symbolizes youth. The skirt is tangled to show that she is still not truly good. In the play I wanted to have it so that her head is always cast downward in a very servant like pose. In this drawing I chose sort of a curtsey as if she was greeting someone, but a bit unsure why they were greeting her.

Of all Titania's servants she is the one that acts the most like a maid. I see it being a relationship where Titania needs Peaseblossom for everything but pays her no attention and takes her for granted.

Some people might be wondering why I went to so much trouble to give characters that are basically mute in the play so much character. I wanted to show Titania's darker side by showing who she has for servants and how tainted they are. I also envisioned the servants as acting for all the fairies. I wanted to give them enough personality that you wouldn't need other fairies and so that they could pop in and out of scenes they have no lines in as sort of a way of saying "the fairies are always watching you".


(c) Heather Dennis 2003-Current