At the ball
Mediums: Pen and prismacolor markers.

Yep no photoshop involved. I am very proud of her for the technical detail with markers. The pattern that her dress is modeled after belongs to simplicity ^^ I take no credit for their genius.

For those perhaps wondering the story behind this kamiki had bought the pattern with the intent to recreate the dress on the front. A carbon copy of the dress to be exact. After purchasing the pattern we discovered we also had to make a hoop skirt and corset. Sad to say, those are very expensive to make. The dress would have probably come to about 300-600$ just for the materials (not joking... that thing is a lot of fabric). Because of that kamiki, heartbroken, gave up on getting the dress.

So this is where this picture plays into this tale. I wanted to give her the dress so I drew an image with the exact dress and heavy parallels to the original picture so that she would know she got the dress she wanted in a strange way. I was never happy that simplicity had their model in a profile for the dress so I turned her to a 3/4th view and gave her a more relaxed pose.


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