Different characters that I own. Also these are the characters that I would like to see drawn by other people ~_^

I make it a point to whenever I play a new character in a role playing game to make the character have as different a personality and abilities as I can from my other characters. So if there is a character who's personality you hate look around a bit and you will find a character with the polar opposite of their personality. (example: Tavis Vs Caroline)

My current goal is to make a character from every class while keeping the personalities as far apart as I can.

Name   Gender Eras that the game they are in takes place.
Tavis Harts Male Victorian
Wolf Male Victorian
Lenore Riddle Female Modern
Caroline Bertillon Female Elizabethan


FAQ if you are doing an art trade with me;

Have fun! Choose a character that you feel the most at ease with drawing. But then that goes without saying ^.^

    I don't mind seeing the characters in different eras (in fact I enjoy it). Feel free to do so if you want to. I have drawn Tavis and Wolf both in the modern era  and the medieval era constantly so don't feel that the era they come from should play any part what you are allowed to draw or not to draw with the characters.

     Also feel free to mess with their costumes. The characters do have decent wardrobes and I am always looking for more outfits to place them in. If you have an idea for another outfit go for it! Just try to keep it being an outfit that you can see them wearing. ~_^

    Drawing them in situations that they would hate: again go for it if you want to. I tend to do it all the time. Typically I show them looking put out.  Again feel free to mess with this idea too.

    Some characters have two forms, feel free to choose a form that you like or that you are comfortable with drawing. ~_^