Clint Wager

Nicknames: Clintoid, Hombre Blanco, Ass

Age: 21

Gender: Male

status: Boyfriend and pet ^_^

Birthday: January 2 ,1982

Sign: Capricorn (we think)

favorite movie: Aliens

Favorite Video game: Resident Evil (and super metroid)

Hobbies: Drawing, inking, video games, collecting alien memorabilia, movies, Tae Kwon Doe, working out.

Likes: Zombies, blood, gore, horror movies, Jet Li, Me, comic books, Shirow Masamune, art, H.R. Giger, Video games, Metroid, Evil Dead, Anime, computers, Astute old men, Resident Evil, Spices on food, Working out, aliens, complaining, predator, watching me dance to "zombie Jamboree" and "the time warp",  and loud (angry) music.

Dislikes: The bird (scrap), not getting attention, Alex (not really, he likes to complain a lot about him however), Not being with me, His car, Biology, Math, Magic the gathering, DDR, paddy cake (the children's game), Getting peed on by the bunny, msg, religious fanatics, my broken chair, people not taking care of their computer, anime soundtracks, Zombie Jamboree (the song), too much Chinese food, rats,


gallery of clint:

-> Kamiki, arania and myself managed to trick him into a tiny jacket. I really like how he looks in it =^_^= He also looks like an anime character from Wolf's Rain: Tsume!

Clint and the bunny ^_^


Clint showing off. ^.^ yay for yummy pictures.


Clint's Deviant art gallery

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