(For art trade info scroll to bottom. What I will and will not draw still apply)


What I will draw

Mythical creatures, furries, fanart, or any type of magic

Mech or sci-fi elements.

Mild gore. (nothing too over to top. o.o I don't want to be able to identify every organ in their body. I have no problem with doing blood however)

Anything rated from G to NC-17

Straght, Yaoi (male-male), Yuri (female-female) or multiple partner romance.


What I will not draw.

Pedophilia, Bestiality, or Necrophilia

Really huge, unrealistic proportioned breasts, genitals

Watersports and scat

Extreme XXX, hardcore pornography.  I WILL do adult images, but please try to keep it sort of tastefull.  No bodily fluids flowing like the River Nile, no bizarre insertions, etc.

And finally DBZ. Sorry... <.< after the Freeza saga I can't stand this anime... little lone enough to draw it. No offence to it's fans.


$2 Little photoshop sketches.
$5 penciled chibi
$7 penciled normal character


$10 Pencil with shading

$15 inked

$20 Shaded inks or extreme detail inks
$25 for CG or marker chibi
$30 for normal CG or markers (this can include lines, bubbles or filters behind the characters for no extra cost)
$40+ for CG with uber spiffy background. (it depends how spiffy of a background you want for how much this will cost exactly.)
example of $40s
examples of $50s






For any questions please contact me at


Legal Information

  • All characters copyright to their original owners!  You are paying me for my artistic services, not the right to any copyrighted material.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to use any commissioned images for self-promotion, including online galleries and auction samples.

  • Purchaser may display the commissioned images online and/or make prints of the image, however, the purchaser may not sell the image (charge for prints, charge to view the images online, etc)

  • Any R or NC-17 work may be commissioned by ADULTS ONLY.  By requesting R or NC-17 work, you are certifying that you are 18 years or age or older.  NO exceptions.

  • I, the artist, reserve the right to sell and make prints of any commissioned pieces.  However, you will be contacted first, and your characters will remained copyrighted to you.  If this is a problem, please let me know!

  • I do reserve the right to say "no" to any commission request for any reason.


Art Trades

Here's how art trades work:

  1. You e-mail me with an request to do an Art Trade.  Be sure to include a link to your online gallery, or attach a few sample images.

  2. I e-mail you back and either say "Ack!  I'm way too busy to art trades right now!  Sorry!" or "I'm a little backed up with commissions right now, let me put you on my waiting list" or "Sure!  What character of yours would you like to see?"

Pretty easy!  Please don't be insulted if I decline a trade.  I get really busy with commissions and other projects, so its nothing personal.  If you really want to see your character drawn by me, feel free to commission me!  And of course, I'll love you forever if you send me Gift Art!



(c) Heather Dennis 2003-Current