*December 25, 2003* Bwaa ha ha.. I have come back from the grave!

Merry christmas to all ^^

originals, fanart and the sig pages inrandomness have been updated.

*november 26, 2003* sorry for the rather late update. the site isn't fully updated yet. I appear to have some computer problems.

The reason the site wasn't updated earlier was because I had a bad case of the flu ^^;; art trades and random have been updated. Other than that the other sections have not been updated.

See you all soon when I manage to update some more. ^^;;

*October 30, 2003* Sorry for not mentioning the update on the 15th. I was really busy with school work. All that was updated that day, However, was an new art trade.

I recently finished another art trade, so to see both the one from last update and the recent one visit the Art trade section. There is also a third art trade featured in there by the wonderful Fhisherya ( I need to finish my part of the trade to her)

There has also been an update in the Friends characters section of the Fanart and Commissions page.

Originals has also been updated with 2 new chibis.

Randomness has a bunch of new and interesting things added. ^_^

There has also been an update of a bunch of yummy pictures of by boyfriend Clint on Clint's page.

And finally My Vl art page has a brand new picture added to it that I am really proud of. It is a real media work of Samantha.

Wow that was a lot of updates.

Enjoy ^_^ hopefully I would be so late on updating again.


*October 7, 2003* Well it appears that I am updating a lot more frequently.

There's a bunch of new chibis in the Originals section.

There is also a new Tavis picture in the Tavis secion of VL

*October 2, 2003* There has been a few new updates ^_^ I have shortened the main page. There is now another page for all my previous updates.

Art Trades as been updated as well as originals.

*September 30, 2003* There has been a lot of updates ^_^

There is a brand new metroid fanart in the fanart section

Also a few new art trades are up in  the art trades section ^_^.

Randomness has some fun things in it now ^_^ as well as a fortune cookie update.

There are also 4 new pictures on my VL art page. 3 for wolf's section and one for Tavis' section.

Past updates

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