Feb 28, 2010

I recently went through and updated my fortune cookie page. So now it has a new look and new fortunes.

Also, as you may have noticed, I got rid of the i-frame for past updates. Its merely to make viewing easier on different browsers.

For those who haven't seen the newest update: I updated commissions, original art and fanart. I also went through and fixed a lot of the website that was effected by the crash.



Feb 27, 2010

The site has been fixed. I had to go through and fix a lot of broken links which is what took so long.

Theres also several new pictures in commission, fanart, originals and art trades. I hope you enjoy the new works.

Also a few pictures got a makeover. Feel free to check out "of bats and birds" as well as "The queen of hearts" to see the new versions.

Feb 4, 2010

Unfortunately theres been a crash that forced us to revert back to an earlier save of this site.

Don't worry, I will be restoring the site and updating it again soon.  :) Sorry for any inconvenience.


November 17, 2009

 New updates in commissions, originals and fanart. So lots to see. Feel free to explore and see the new art. Some of them cannot be found on my deviantart so theres some new things for my deviant art watchers. ~.^


May 27, 2009

New updates to originals and commissions. I also made other small changes around the site. I hope you enjoy the new art.


Sept, 2, 2008

Wow. It's been a bit of time sense I last updated. Don't worry tho. I have a ton of new artwork to make up for it (and another update to come soon)


So far the tally is: 5 new artworks in originals, 7 new artworks in commissions and 1 new artwork in fanart.

I hope you enjoy them. :D

April 7,2008

Brand new updates to the site. I finally fixed the guestbook (now of course the mailing list is acting up so we are going to see if I can fix that. >.<) when you get a chance please feel free to leave me a message in the guestbook. :D

As for art: There is 4 new pictures in originals and 17 new pictures in commissions. Wow, big update. Feel free to browse through all of them.


December 29, 2007

Long time no update. Well I got a couple of new ones for you guys. ~.^ 5 new ones in originals, one new one in fanart/friends characters and two new ones for commissions.

I hope you like the new pictures.

Also sorry about the guestbook. Currently it is down and I am looking around for a new service to go to sense the one I had closed down. It may be a bit before I get everything switched over. Once I find a new guestbook service I will be changing it tho. ~.^

August 18, 2007

Long time no update huh? Well there's a bunch of new pictures for you to view this time around. I did a freebie thread on gaia so I have a lot of new images from that thread (5 in total). I am also entering the shojo beat contest. You can see what I am submitting in fanart as well.

In originals sadly there is only one new picture. Its pretty much an open canvas doodle. I think you will like it none the less.

More updates to come once I finish coloring more pictures.

June 11, 2007

Lots of new updates again. This time 6 new pictures. 5 in originals and one in fanart. For all you kingdom hearts fans you will be happy to know that it's a sora picture. ~.^


March 4, 2007

@>@ Well... Lots of things have happened. I might be a bit subdued for a bit. I am trying to deal with the fact that my dad recently died.

I did finally update this poor neglected website. There's 8 new pictures you can take a look at. During my hiatus I tried to learn a new style of drawing. More of a realism of sorts, you can sort of see that in the new pictures so I hope you enjoy the change.

Originals: 2 in color and 1 in black and white

Fanart: 5 total.

By the way, I am both surprised and thrilled by all the e-mails I received to update the poor forgotten fortune cookie page with. I will be redoing the page an adding the new fortunes as soon as I can. :3 Yay for old pages coming back.

October 17, 2006

Lots of new pictures. I have found a way to bring my tablet to work with me and color there. (I have been doing so because the theater department I work for has assigned me to create the posted for their play Ojen Kaleidoscope. Furthermore, my boss loves my artwork, always a plus.

Currently we have several new pictures for display. 3 New ones in originals, 2 in junk and one in fanart. I hope you enjoy them.

August 23,2006

A new site update again. The design concept is similar to the one before, however, I have removed most of the i-frames and a lot of the CSS (except for the scrollbar code. Sorry people using firefox and other browsers like that. That code may still appear at the bottom of your screen.  @.@ I still need to find another code that would work well for your browsers)

There's also 2 new images. Both in artwork/originals. One is a black and white and the other is a full color drawing.

There's a few new links on the link page. :3 New and fun art sites to view.

August 6, 2006

Two new pictures both located in artwork/fanart and one complete site redesign. I spent a good amount of time on this so hopefully everything should be working. However, if you run across any problems please tell me and I will see what I can do to fix it as soon as possible. Several smaller updates will be happening in the next few days as I finish updating a few more pages.

April 18, 2006

Several new pictures are up. One in artwork/commissions and two in artwork/originals.

There are 3 more pictures up in prints to be bought for different products. More are to come soon. (if you have any suggestions for pictures you want to see in prints from my original gallery feel free to e-mail me and tell me.)

There is a brand new feature on this site too, a mailing list for people who would like these updates mailed to them. :3 Scroll down on the intro page to see it. ^^

Ps. ^^;; I fixed my wonderful little typo from the previous two updates. I finally remembered the year I am in. XD

March 17, 2006

New Stuff!!

There's a brand new shiny image in artwork/commissions :3. I finally finished my phoenix commission

Don't worry, Junk isn't gone. It's now located in artwork :3 I also have several new galleries that will be up soon. The first one that is working is "works in progress". So far this gallery features about 20 artworks of mine that are still being worked on or have just entered the lineart stage and are ready for coloring. Currently it's now housing all my works in progresses ~.^ I do like to keep surprises.

Next is going to be a nude/anatomical  gallery. I am separating this from the other galleries just because I need and want to do these types of drawing for the sake of learning more anatomy, but I know that several people might not be comfortable seeing the body naked. It's under construction until I have more artwork to put into it.

The final one is nature and architecture. In the future this gallery will feature anything without a person/humanoid being. Again, just things I need to draw more of. This gallery is pending until I have some pictures ready for it. This may actually include some of my set designs... who knows.

Feb 27, 2006

Well... Not much in updates. @.@ mainly due to school. I have no intention of boring people with my scene design/ stage architecture projects ^^;; so you won't be seeing what I have been up to there.

There's two new pictures in artwork/commissions (hopefully I will get more of my batt work in there soon)

Also, the Prints page is completely different. I have gained a print account with deviantart and now I can offer several different sizes of prints for sale as well as several different products. More will be added to this shop soon.  :3 I just have to rework quite a few of my pictures to get them to perfect specification for printing on their different size paper.

More work to come soon. ^^ I have several new linearts done that I just need to finish coloring.

January 11, 2006

Well, I have been busy. I created a new Webrings page and I have updated my links pages with a whole bunch of new links. :3

Please visit the new links and checkout all the amazing artists I have found.

I have also updated my FAQ. >.> I may have to streamline it to make it a bit smaller and easier to get through. XP

December 22, 2005

As promised there's a BUNCH of new artwork :3 Artworks/original has 6 new pieces and artworks/commissions has 2 new pieces.

II hope everyone likes the new site. Currently most of the bugs have been worked out, however, if you run into a problem or a broken link please contact me and I will try to fix it as soon as possible :3.

I hope everyone enjoys the sitemap that has recently been added. Hopefully it will be useful.

Have a very merry Christmas!!

December 16, 2005

Well.. I am trying out this new format :3 Site map will be made soon. Sorry for the ENTER page. ^^;; I am currently trying to get rid of that frameset, however, it seems bound and determined to stay.

A bunch of new artwork will be up soon  :3

October 23, 2005

:3 Two new pictures that I am very proud of.

One came just in time for Halloween; in originals you can find Lenore pumpkin harvest.

I also finished one of the images I had planned for a long time, Zero dream's. She won it a long time ago.. and I finally finished it. Took a lot of little working here and there. She can be found in the fanart section :3

Currently my scanner is out so I have to brave my commissions to school and worry about them getting damaged. So if you are wondering what is up there that is the reason. @.@

October 15, 2005

Slightly slow with creating new artwork. @.@ A lot of it is just linearts that I have been working on for classes, nothing really new to post.

Commissions has a few new updates however.

September 17, 2005

Scrap died on Wednesday. :( I am really upset about this.. I did all I could to save her. She ended up dieing in surgery. If you wish to read up on this please visit my livejournal or the save a scrap page.

I did update several sections with new artwork. Fanart has several new ones including a lot of commissions. Original only has 1 update in black and white.. hopefully that will change soon.

August 16 2005.

I moved to a new apartment and have met several snags @.@. The main one being I HAVE NO INTERNET!!!. GAAAAAH!! I never knew how much I needed the internet until they took it away from me T.T.

It may be a while till the next update. If there's problems with this update I am truly very sorry and I will try to fix it as soon as I earthly can. Right now I have to hook up all the links by the equivalent of shooting in the dark.

Several things have been moved around. A few pictures have been funneled to junk. There's also a few new images in fanart and originals.

Hopefully a new update again. As soon as I get my internet back T.T

PS. For all people e-mailing me. I will most likely be even later than usual in responding to them.

July 9, 2005

*SAVE SCRAP* ^^;; visit the link on the side to see what is happening to my poor pet. I will try to update it regularly for all those equally concerned with my bird. I am also accepting commissions and donations to help pay for her medicine.

The site has been receiving a large update. I have been trying to streamline it so that it is easier to look at. Hopefully the image on the side is displayable to everyone :3. I cut down on load time a bit by using an imagemap.

Currently, several hundreds of pages are being updated throughout the site and I am hoping to finish them within a week or so.

New images will follow after the update :3.

I have also been thinking about setting up a print page for people to purchase some of my works. Unfortunately, I am not sure how to program a shopping cart just yet. Hopefully, I will be able to soon. I also need to select several new images for a new batch of prints.

If you are curious of buying a few of the prints I already have: go to "save a scrap* on the side and select commission info. At the bottom it has which images have become prints so far. Each are worth 5 dollars plus a 2 dollar shipping and handling fee.

June 27, 2005

New updates in Fanart. 4 to be exact.

Hope you enjoy the images :3

May 26, 2005

Two new pictures have been added :3 one in originals and one in fanart/friends' characters.

Hope you enjoy.

May 20, 2005.

Sort of a strange update. No NEW pictures up, however, the galleries have been updated. I chose to go through some of Victorian legends and link a few of the images I was really proud of from that series in my main gallery. Don't worry, next update will have brand new artwork to look at ~.^

The back links on all those pages are still set for my Victorian legends gallery. This will change soon. I intend to create two links at the bottom of those pages. For now please use your back button ^^;; sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.

If you would like to see the "best of the vl images" :3 in fanart under "friends characters" they are some of the last images. I choose to put them there because most of those were created a long time ago.

In my original artwork They are located in the front of each of the major sections. ^^;; The reason for this is actually my best original art from VL was some of my last art for VL. So I consider it early enough to put in the front.

If this changes I will post what I changed it to :3

I hope you all enjoy my insanity :3

may 18 2005,

Yay @.@ I actually updated the website again at a reasonable time.

New stuff in original, fanart, and junk. :3 Hope you enjoy.

May 5th 2005

@.@ oh grief... poor website.. how I have neglected you so.

My muse went on vacation... >.< for several months... I just couldn't draw much at all. Fortunately the muse is back so I will be able to start work again. :3

I have updated with the little bits that I have done during my hiatus. There's new stuff in junk and randomness, originals and fanart. :3

I also plan to work on several of the new fanarts that I have drawn. So you should be sing some of that soon.

Also expect to see my project for school @.@ My set design for glass menagerie.. what was I thinking? It will be right where it belongs.. junk and randomness, when I get it up. Several people told me they liked it. @.@ I think I did a good job... but it's a very.... strange... set concept.

More to come soon ~.^

December 11, 2004

^^;; I have been lazy with this poor website again.

Well after a long wait I finally updated. :3 There several new pictures in original and in fanart. As well as this sites first tutorial.

It's over one of the many styles of photoshoping that I use :3. There will be more to come, don't worry. I tried to make it as detailed as possible and include as many pictures from the "making of" process as I can. :3 If there is anything you would like me to add to this tutorial please feel free to ask me and I will try to answer it as best as I can.


October 15, 2004

wow.. it's been a while sense I have updated. o.o It will probably be a little while before the next update as well. I have been asked to make a renfaire dress. So off to sewing I go again.

I have been having a lot of computer problems. I am slowly getting them fixed right now... so hopefully they will all be gone eventually. o.o But in the meantime I am trying to fix my CD burner so I can start burning stuff again to save it.

But anyways I have updated several sections ^_^

Original has a new photoshop that I finished coloring. It took me about 30 hours and then several more to retrieve it when it became corrupted. o.o And a black and white collaboration picture ^o^

Fanart also has two new updates. Two new pictures are in the "friends characters" section ^-^

Also in links  under "deviant artists you should visit" there is a whole lot more icons linking to people. o.o I am going to have to separate that into two pages soon.. cus... yeek. People on slow connections be warned. o.o There is probably about 100 little icons on there.

September 21, 2004

Well ^^;; sorry for the long delay in updating. School started for me and my computer is slowly dieing >.< I need to get a new powersupply.

Last week I attended a friends wedding. :3 I had to make her dress as well as my own bridesmaid dress. o.0;; so needless to say that was very stressful. But I got it done, and I will be posting the pictures of both dresses along with several other dresses I have sewn soon in originals.

For the current update. I have updated two new fanarts and fixed the arttrades page. You can now access it at the bottom of fanarts. :3

There is also a new black and white in originals.

I have worked a bit on the links page ^^ I have updated it a bit. A few pages I am a bit iffy on. I am not sure if the sites are temporarily down or if they are just gone. I will be checking them to see.

I have also added a deviant art link page :3 For all the artists I think you should visit.


I will be updating it again soon ^^ With more artists. Be careful tho.. it is a picture heavy page. o.0

August 30, 2004

Well.. school has started for me and is already trying to kill me.. I will be posting all the details of what is going on in my journal soon >.<

But other than that there's two new pictures.

One is in original art work

And the other is in fanart... an actual fanart no less: sailormoon.

I hope you enjoy the artwork ^^ more will come soon.

August 24, 2004

The VL section has been updated with 5 new pictures. ^^

August 17, 2004

^^ I have updated. There's new pictures in both fanart and original artwork.

It was also brought to my attention that one of the links in the Vl art page was broken. >.> I have fixed that link.

^^ *runs off to draw some more*


August 16, 2004

Very slowly working on the site some more. Real life has been attacking. I promised to make a wedding dress for a friend so that is eating my time away ^^;;

New pictures will be arriving soon.. >.> once they are scanned.

My Elfwood gallery has been updated and I managed to get a mods choice ^o^.

Theres a few new banners in my links. ^^

August 6, 2004

Well updates are going a bit smoother now ^^

The Victorian legends page has now been updated :D You can visit it via the Victorian legends page or you can go to my originals section, there will be a link to it at the bottom.

There is also a brand new original artwork on display :3 I hope you all like it.


August 3, 2004

Not much new on the site. I am working on fixing some of the broken links again.

Most of the links I have been working on at the moment have been in junk and randomness. The server still hates me however, so there's a lot of broken pictures I am trying to work on in there. >.<

As for new things... um... there is an obnoxiously large counter to see what number you are to this site at the bottom of this page :p. I am giving it a try to see how much I like it. I am keeping the other tiny little counter down there as well because I like to see how many people visit per day. :3

Working on more pictures at the moment. Hopefully I will be done with them soon.


July 31, 2004

Well. ^^ I have been working on my site again. The fanart page has been updated.. however.. my server has eaten my art trades page. So it may be a while before you get to see that page again >.<. *Bites the server*

I have also been updating junk and randomness. I am in the middle of completely updating that area <.< It still needs some work however.  Bad links all over the place in there.

More drawings as well as updates will appear soon.  :D


July 7 2004:

I finally have control of my site again!

For the longest time (half a year that is) I wasn't able to update due first to bandwidth being used too much because of posting to gaia. So the site was a bit buggy when you would try to upload things. After a bit Arania got the idea to move to a new server. So a long wait followed that idea.

We finally moved to a new server. However... the server hated me ^^;; after a while of bugging our provider I actually got it to let me look at my folder. However.. only I could look. ^^;; So the site was down for a bit again. After a bit more fighting I was able to look at my folders and they were able to be shown on the web.. however.. it wouldn't let me alter any of them. >.<

Well.. the fighting continued and now I can actually update my site.

And to celebrate this I am doing a massive site update.

So far original artwork and randomness/wolf's gaia page have been updated.

There will be more updates following in the next few days. ^-^

Hopefully these updates will make the site easier to navigate.


*December 25, 2003* Bwaa ha ha.. I have come back from the grave!

Merry christmas to all ^^

originals, fanart and the sig pages inrandomness have been updated.

*november 26, 2003* sorry for the rather late update. the site isn't fully updated yet. I appear to have some computer problems.

The reason the site wasn't updated earlier was because I had a bad case of the flu ^^;; art trades and random have been updated. Other than that the other sections have not been updated.

See you all soon when I manage to update some more. ^^;;

*October 30, 2003* Sorry for not mentioning the update on the 15th. I was really busy with school work. All that was updated that day, However, was an new art trade.

I recently finished another art trade, so to see both the one from last update and the recent one visit the Art trade section. There is also a third art trade featured in there by the wonderful Fhisherya ( I need to finish my part of the trade to her)

There has also been an update in the Friends characters section of the Fanart and Commissions page.

Originals has also been updated with 2 new chibis.

Randomness has a bunch of new and interesting things added. ^_^

There has also been an update of a bunch of yummy pictures of by boyfriend Clint on Clint's page.

And finally My Vl art page has a brand new picture added to it that I am really proud of. It is a real media work of Samantha.

Wow that was a lot of updates.

Enjoy ^_^ hopefully I would be so late on updating again.


*October 7, 2003* Well it appears that I am updating a lot more frequently.

There's a bunch of new chibis in the Originals section.

There is also a new Tavis picture in the Tavis secion of VL

*October 2, 2003* There has been a few new updates ^_^ I have shortened the main page. There is now another page for all my previous updates.

Art Trades as been updated as well as originals.

*September 30, 2003* There has been a lot of updates ^_^

There is a brand new metroid fanart in the fanart section

Also a few new art trades are up in  the art trades section ^_^.

Randomness has some fun things in it now ^_^ as well as a fortune cookie update.

There are also 4 new pictures on my VL art page. 3 for wolf's section and one for Tavis' section.


*September 22, 2003*

Well there has been some massive linkage going on. The links page has a new feel as well as a ton of new links in it. ^_^  Feel free to take a look at all the wonderful artists.

There's some new updates on some of my pet's websites. Clint's page now has pictures of him and I have a new page up for my bunny, Bun Bun.

There has also been an update in the art trade section. ^_^ I have added what I got last round from Stareyes. It's really cute and appropriate.

*Easter egg update* well.. my one Easter egg, the ship, has been updated with 5 new full colored pictures. ^_^ happy hunting.

*September 16, 2003*

Ok well a lot of updates have gone on. The about the artist page now has separate links to the pets as well as a new pet added to it. ^_^

A new update in the art trade for max is also up.

There is also a new character in the character page, Caroline Burtillon.

*the Easter eggs: total so far 1*

Also this is the start of my Easter egg creations on the site. So far there is only one Easter egg. It is a hidden gallery known as "the ship". I am not going to tell you where the Easter eggs are but I will tell you when they update. ~_^ The ship has at current 6 BW peaces and 1 colored picture.

Have fun and happy hunting.

*August 30, 2003* A lot of updates have taken place ^_^

There are two new drawings in My VL art page. One is a new colored on of Tavis and the other is an inked picture of Wolf.

In my originals section there are 3 BW of Lenore and a colored version of one of the Black and white pictures. I have also moved my friends pictures out of the original section and into Fanart, commissions and art trades.

I also have a character section now and each of the character pages have been updated.

I have moved the art trades to it's own page because of its increasing size. ^_^ The link to it is still located in Fanart, Commissions and art trades. In the art trade section I have also put up my art trade with hawk from max.

*August 23, 2003* Well I have some new updates in the originals section. They include a brand new picture of Acacya and a section for another of my original characters, Lenore.

I have also recently separated out the characters I created myself and my friends characters in that section.

*August 15, 2003* I finished my art trade for max ^^ it is now in display in fanart, commissions and art trades.

*August 8, 2003* I'm back! Boy it has been a long time since I updated this page. For the past few weeks I have been visiting my parents because my dad was going in for surgery shortly to have some cancer removed. I am back now and I have been doing a lot of updating. ^_^

There is a brand new B&W inked Kamiki picture in  the originals section, It is in the black and white section.

Fanart and art trades have some new stuff. I applied last month for max, an art trading place. ^_^ ( I have also applied for the beginning part of this month so you will see another max art trade soon) Also in this section there is a brand new inked fanart of Alice in wonderland ^_^.

Next there are several new pictures in my victorian legends art section. Specifically, the Sabin, Samantha, Tavis, and Other Npc's areas now have new pictures. Unfortunately the thumbnails don't want to work at the moment. I am still fighting with them and if all things go well they will soon be working again.

I have updated the about the artist page and moved the tips for photoshop into the random part of my website.

There are some new links in my links page as well.

Have fun exploring all the new changes.

*July 12, 2003*  I made a bunch of buttons for the page. Hope it makes the side bar a little easier to look at.

*July 11, 2003* I finished coloring one of my Tavis linearts. It is now in display in My Victorian Legends art page in the Tavis section. I have also added a few new links. Check them out! ^_^

*July 10, 2003*  Just finished an art trade with Charmaine L. McMurdo you can visit her elfwood gallery here. The new art trade is posted in the fan art and commissions section as well as part of it will be posted in VL gift art and commissions.